Furniture Designed and Made in Italy

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The wood from three of the finest timbers. The vitality of real wood is the starting point of every Franco Bianchini creation, the natural material driving Bianchini design.

The brand is the product of expert craftsmanship and modern design techniques and has taken Made in Italy excellence around the world for two generations.

Furniture Designed and Made in Italy

Design Portrait

Pushing boundaries as a sign of quality. Combining wood with marble, metal and textiles. Mixing materials in an original, exclusive way enhances the design vibe and offers

contemporary solutions for specific technical and aesthetic purposes.


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The sophisticated, evocative nuances are the unmistakeable emblem of Franco Bianchini design: exclusive finishes achieved with cutting-edge technologies magnify the natural

grain and colour of the wood rather than colouring it, bringing to light the natural beauty of the surfaces.

Furniture Designed and Made in Italy

An All-Italian Story

It says in the rule-book of excellence that to seek excellence is to have passion for what you do, to work with only the finest of materials and have a meticulous eye for detail. Together, these traits are the definition of furniture which transcends fashion and are the portrayal of sophisticated Italian-style living.

The collections are inspired by the quest for perfection. A quest which begins from the care taken in each stage of the timber crafting process and continues in the fusion with contemporary textiles and the constant search for patterns using Art Deco as the inspiration for new decorative arrangements.

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